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Dr Vikas Divyakirti Sir: A Journey of Empowerment and Transformation

In a world marked by inequality and social challenges, there are individuals who rise above the ordinary and become beacons of hope. One such remarkable individual is Dr Vikas Divyakirti Sir. Through his relentless efforts and unwavering commitment, Vikas Divyakirti has emerged as a true catalyst for change. In this blog, we will explore the life, work, and impact of Vikas Divyakirti in transforming lives and driving social change. From his early beginnings to his significant contributions in various spheres, we delve into the story of a changemaker who has dedicated his life to empowering the underprivileged and marginalized.

Dr Vikas Divyakirti Sir.

Early Life and Influences

Vikas Divyakirti was born and raised in a small town in northern India. He was born on 26th of December in the state of Haryana. He comes from a middle-class family. Dr Vikas Divyakirti is an IAS trainer, author, and lecturer. He is the founder and director of the Drishti IAS Coaching Classes, a UPSC coaching institute in Delhi. He is married to DR. Taruna Verma, and they have a son named Swastik Divyakirti.

Dr Vikas Divyakirti Sir Family.

After completing the schooling, he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from Zakir Husain Delhi College, Delhi University. However, he later changed his stream from commerce to arts as most of his friends started preparing for the UPSC examination. He appeared for UPSC in 1996 and cleared it in his first attempt and became an IAS officer and was assigned to the ministry of home affairs but after sometime he decided to leave his job to teach the students; soon he started his own coaching class, Drishti.


Vikas Sir cleared the UPSC examination in 1996 in his first attempt after which he was assigned to the Ministry of Home Affairs. He worked in the ministry department for a some time and then decided to leave job to follow his passion, that is to teach students at Delhi University. In 1999, he opened Drishti IAS guiding Classes in Delhi to give coaching for UPSC aspirants.

Today he is the director of the Drishti IAS Coaching Classes. He has also authored a book dedicated to students named “Nibandh Drishti”.
He has always been a motivator for all the student. He has a saying “if you are not satisfied with your job, you can always work on your dream”.

Youtube Channel: @vikasdivyakirti, @DrishtiIASvideos, @DrishtiIASEnglish

Drishti IAS Coaching Classes

Drishti UPSC Coaching Classes is one of the leading coaching classes whose founding director is Dr. Vikas Divyakirti. Drishti IAS Coaching Classes has established itself as a leading institute in the field of civil services exam preparation in India. With a vision to empower aspirants and guide them towards success, Drishti IAS has been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous students who aspire to join the prestigious Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and other civil services.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti Sir in his Drishti IAS Coaching Class

One of the key strengths of Drishti IAS Coaching Classes is its highly experienced and dedicated faculty team. The institute takes pride in its accomplished educators who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The faculty members not only have a deep understanding of the subjects but also possess insights into the examination pattern, trends, and requirements. They employ innovative teaching methodologies, interactive sessions, and regular assessments to ensure effective learning and progress of the students.

In Conclusion,

Vikas Divyakirti stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to social progress. Through his organization’s multifaceted initiatives, he has touched countless lives, bringing about transformative change. As we celebrate the journey of Vikas Divyakirti, let us be inspired to make a difference in our own spheres of influence and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.

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