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Kalpana Chauhan: Celebrating Uttarakhand’s Musical Gem

Kalpana Chauhan, In the serene hills of Uttarakhand, a talented singer has emerged, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt performances. Kalpana Chauhan, a prominent figure in the music scene of Uttarakhand, has not only become a musical sensation but also a cultural ambassador for her state. This blog aims to celebrate the life, accomplishments, and contributions of Kalpana Chauhan, an extraordinary singer whose melodious voice has touched the hearts of many.

Kalpana Chauhan, Uttarakhandi Singer.

Early Life

Kalpana Chauhan was born in Mumbai on 8th September 1967. His father’s name was Umed Singh and mother’s name is Roopa Devi. Even after living in Mumbai, Kalpana speaks
Garhwali and Kumaoni very well. She has also taught the pahadi language to her Childrens. She was married to Rajendra Singh, and it was a love marriage. From an early age, she displayed a natural inclination towards singing and developed a deep passion for music. Encouraged by her family and the local community, Kalpana embarked on her musical journey by participating in singing competitions and cultural events.


Kalpana was married to Rajendra Singh from Kotdwar. Kalpana has two sons and her younger son Rohit sings with her in the album. Her elder son is a cinematographer in Mumbai and her husband is a music director. A few years back, Kalpana met with an accident in which she lost her leg. She got lots of support and strength from her family in the tough time and because of that she became an aspiration to all.

Music Journey

Kalpana shared a stage with famous Bollywood singer Udit Narayan at the age of 15. However, after that she didn’t do much in music field until she got married to Rajendra.
After marriage, she launched her first album with the help of her husband. Her most superhit album is “Swami di Pardesh ma” which was very much liked by the people of
Uttarakhand. Soon after it, the Uttarakhand anthem – Baramasa made her a star.

Kalpana Chauhan, Uttarakhandi Singer

Her exceptional vocal abilities and versatility soon gained recognition, and she swiftly became a popular figure in the local music scene. Her enchanting interpretations of popular folk songs, such as Bedu Pako Baramasa and “Nainital Ki Madhuli”, struck a chord with listeners, transcending cultural boundaries and amassing a vast fan base. Kalpana’s ability to convey emotions through her voice, coupled with her charismatic stage presence, solidified her position as one of Uttarakhand’s most celebrated singers.

Preserving Culture through Music

One of Kalpana Chauhan’s significant contributions lies in her efforts to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Uttarakhand through music. By reviving and revitalizing traditional folk songs, she not only keeps the essence of Uttarakhand alive but also introduces it to wider audiences.

Kalpana’s dedication to her roots and her commitment to showcasing Uttarakhand music on various platforms have not only brought her personal success but have also helped create awareness and appreciation for the state’s cultural heritage. She has become an influential figure, inspiring younger generations to embrace their roots and contribute to the preservation of their cultural identities.

Social Impact and Recognition

Kalpana Chauhan’s impact extends beyond the realm of music. Her journey from a small town in Uttarakhand to becoming a renowned singer has inspired countless aspiring artists, particularly women, to pursue their passions fearlessly and break societal barriers. By challenging stereotypes and showcasing her talent on both regional and national stages, she has become a symbol of empowerment and resilience.

Her contributions to the music industry have earned her numerous accolades and recognition, including prestigious awards and honors. Kalpana has been awarded the Uttarakhand Chaundkot Ratna by Chaundkot, a region of Pauri Garhwal. Uttarakhand Mahasabha has also honoured her with the title of Swara Kokila Kalpana. However, it is the love and support from her fans and family that truly validate her success and motivate her to continue sharing her melodious gift with the world.

In conclusion, Kalpana Chauhan’s musical journey represents the beauty of music, the power of perseverance, and the significance of preserving cultural heritage. Through her captivating voice and unwavering dedication, she has become an icon in Uttarakhand and beyond. Kalpana’s ability to breathe new life into traditional songs and spread joy through her music is truly remarkable, making her an invaluable asset to the cultural landscape of Uttarakhand.

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